Friday, September 29, 2006

Four legs good, two legs better

God save King George (DG), who was officially placed above the law today by the Senate. If history doesn't mark September 28, 2006 as the end of the democratic experiment begun here in 1776, then history will have let our children down.

The necessary machinery of tyranny in the United States of America is in place: indefinite detention without trial, no executive accountability, and easily fixed elections. Only the campaign timetable has delayed unfettered spying.

What are we going to call this nation now? USA 2.0? The Evil Empire? The anthem's obsolete, because the answer is no: an alienable, non-universal right to freedom is no right at all. Without that right, there can be no land of the free.

I told my son tonight that a piece of paper and a pencil constitute absolute freedom. You can draw or write anything on a piece of paper. And Winston Smith's creamy paged notebook, in which he wrote out of sight of the telescreen, welled up in my mind.

If these things go, the Bill of Rights, the separation of powers, and so on, what happens to our human rights? Can we hold on to anything in the face of a tyrant's relativism? Liberty - No. Pursuit of happiness? No. Life?

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