Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Proof of the Pudding

We ate one of the puddings for dessert on January 5: it was excellent. I steamed it in a tall enamel pot, the kind that is used for steaming tamales, on the theory that the temperature gradient in the pot would be less steep. The result was that the pudding wasn't soggy, and didn't stick to the bowl.

We have no holly around here, but the brandy burned as it should. The brandy butter was light in texture and didn't split. The Americans at the table, who have attended UK/LA events where christmas pudding was served, said they hadn't understood what the fuss was about - they'd been heavy and dull. Now they had a new appreciation of the dish. I guess the dinners had used commercial puddings, maybe Peek Freans.

It wasn't perfect, though. In my opinion, the flavour of the candied orange peel was too strong: if I had boiled it more, and discarded the water, then it would have been less powerful. Or just used less peel.

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