Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Misheard News (2004)

This just in

Local poetry producers
Are finding it hard to compete
With subsidized poetry
From industrialized nations

A spokesman said
These subsidies undermine the competitiveness
Of locally produced poetry
It is hard to see how we can sustain
A modern poetry industry in the long term
When the market is flooded with cheap poetry products
From overseas

(The spokesman
And some poets no doubt
Called for a ban on imports of
Frozen chicken)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Bjork on SNL: Wanderlust

"I have lost my origin" - no: sadly, as you had to, you lost your vocal range. One scale, one octave. No leaps, no gymnastics. But the raw musicality is still there. As it always will be.

(SNL repeated tonight from May 2)

Update So what is Bjork up to now? She's taking Ayn Rand on tour - "declare independence, don't let them do that to you, make your own flag, make your own flag, make your own flag, and raise your own flag, higher! higher!" Nations of one may be fun, but that's the way to Easter Island.

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