Saturday, March 04, 2006

email to Senator Feinstein: Frist's threat

Dear Senator Feinstein,

I am writing to you again regarding the Select Committee on Intelligence, and Senator Rockefeller's motion to hold hearings on the Administration's authorizartion of wiretaps by the NSA outisde the FISA framework.

The Administration is so desperate to prevent any attempt to investigate their unwarranted wiretaps of American Citizens that Senator Frist wrote to Senator Reid yesterday and threatened to resturucture the Intelligence Committee along party lines (

His excuse - that he is concerned that the committee is unable to exercise its oversight function - is absurd: it is the possibility of oversight which terrifies the Administration, and has led to this latest attempt to eliminate checks and balances.

Not only must the March 7 vote on Senator Rockefeller's motion take place, the hearings must also, and Senator Frist's powergrab must be foiled.

Please oppose this latest abuse of power by the Administration and the Republican Majority Leader, on behalf of the Constitution, the Republic, and all people who live under its protection.

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