Monday, March 13, 2006

The Ballad of Sierra Madre

This is the true story
Of an unlucky crew
They lived in Sierra Madre
And their number was few
So that's why we call them
The Sierra Madre Two

Who were these boys? I hear
A voice call from the back
These two kids are twelve
They're called Tyler and Zack
And they skated round town
With their school back packs
They're straight-A students:
These are the facts

Now I can tell that something
Is puzzling you
What was their crime?
What did they do?
How did boys like this become
The Sierra Madre Two?

One day after school
they were skating in the park,
They weren't looking for trouble,
It wasn't after dark,
Just minding their business
When suddenly - hark!
The sirens of the town's four
Black-and-white sharks!

Now kids riding skateboards,
This is nothing new
So our heroes didn't know
They were caught in a stew
But this was the fate of
The Sierra Madre Two

The park and police station
Are on the same block
So imagine their surprise,
Imagine their shock
As the cops came towards them
And then the handcuffs locked.
The chief of police, he said
"I'll see you in the dock".

I exaggerate a little,
As poets sometimes do,
But I want you to help me,
And this is your cue
What do we want? We want to free
The Sierra Madre Two!

The chief of police
He held a map in his hand
And what this map showed was
All of the land
In the town of Sierra Madre
Where skating had been banned.
Against the law he took their boards.
I hope you understand

That when logic and proportion
Have fallen softly dead
And the white knight is talking backwards,
And the Red Queen's off her head,
Remember that the dormouse
Told you what to do:
What do we want? We want to free
The Sierra Madre Two!

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