Saturday, December 17, 2005

Letter to Congressman Schiff

Dear Congressman Schiff,

First, thank you for your stand calling for a GAO investigation of the IRS' attack on All Saints. I heard George Regas' sermon that day, and I have read the sermon again since, and I am dismayed by this blatantly partisan action by the IRS.

But this instance of co-option of public servants to serve party political ends is a small example of this Administration's reckless disregard for the principles underlying our system of government, and our civil rights. We do not allow the President to rule by fiat: we have a constitution, rules and laws, two deliberative bodies of elected officials, and a judicial system which all play a role in reining in the President when the temptations of absolute power loom.

When this President authorises domestic spying on US Citizens in flagrant disregard of all these checks and balances, he must be put in check. We must call for him to be held to account, and a trial of impeachment in the Senate fits the bill. We have plenty of high crimes. The news now, as I write, has the President announcing that he broke the law. He must be tried. He must know that he is not above the law.

Please support any moves for an impeachment trial of the President.

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