Sunday, December 18, 2005


It's time to make my Blogroll.

There's the inspiration of Dear Leader's Daily Thought, and the comic relief of Jesus' General. To find the General's Republican Jesus cartoons, use the search at the top - the General's been lobbying hard to make sure that the Top Weblog awards went to leftie blogs. He did very well, but his recent posts have lowered the level of the comedy. Look for your favorite right wingnut or religious leader. And don't miss the Operation Yellow Elephant banner: why is it that more campus republicans aren't showing that they support the troops and the war, by signing up? OYE exists to offer them the opportunity to serve.

Most of the good and timely video gets to Crooks and Liars, One Good Move and Daily Dissent. First reports of Grand Jury activity in Fitzgerald's investigation are at FireDogLake, excellent analysis too. For the inside scoop on the CIA and espionage, Larry Johnson (who was in the same CIA intake as Valerie Plame) at NO QUARTER has been invaluable. And the Huffington Post has some very good writing, and some occasional disasters - and some spirited bipartisan commenting - ok, a lot of flames and trolls.

Democratic grass roots news I get from the Daily Kos.

The geek in me follows Groklaw and /., and, for the lighter side of neat stuff, bOING bOING.

that's my roll for the moment. As Dear Leader thoughtfully says:

Bye for now.

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